Low self-esteem influences your life more than you can imagine, it does it every time you feel undecided about what to do, it does it every time you put off your projects and, even more, it is an accomplice of every time you plan a ransom and you promise yourself not to fall for it again but then, you find yourself in exactly the same starting situation! Our personality is the synthesis of the experiences we have lived since childhood and these experiences are not always encouraging. Those with low self-esteem never feel ready for… so put it off. Procrastination, in reality, is the daughter of insecurity, of doubt, of the non-recognition of one's merit. Procrastination means putting everything off if you have a commitment that can bring you long-term joy. You can share your spaces, your values, your emotions… but only you can be at the center of everything. It is not a selfish view. You can share the podium of your life but you should never step off it to get someone else up! Not only is it unhealthy, it's also dangerous! Recognizing that that place, up there, belongs to you, is the wisest thing you can do for your well-being. Do something for the self-esteem of the person you love or care about using a Love You Too virtual padlock

Low self-esteem is an invisible brake in the lives of the people we care about; let's rekindle their self-esteem with a virtual padlock Love You Too.

It's much more than you can imagine; low self-esteem acts as an invisible force that sometimes influences the decisions of the people we love and their daily behaviors, enveloping them in an invisible fog that obscures their vision. It makes itself known when they're indecisive, when they postpone their plans, and when they find themselves trapped again in situations they promised to avoid. Low self-esteem is often the culprit behind failed diets, missed goals, and even those "yeses" spoken when they actually wanted to say "no."

Underestimating themselves is an invisible yet ever-present obstacle. Underestimating themselves becomes a kind of constant soundtrack that accompanies them in everyday choices. From the simplest situations, like answering the most trivial question, to more complex situations where they find themselves taking longer paths just to avoid disappointing someone. These behaviors aren't a lack of character; rather, they are symptoms of a lack of self-esteem rooted in childhood and life experiences.

The Truth about Personality and Self-Esteem Their personality isn't something innate but rather the result of the experiences they've lived throughout their lives. The school and family environment have played a significant role in the development of their self-esteem. If they grew up without the support of welcoming teachers or a family that valued them, their self-esteem likely suffered.

The Deception of Apparent Self-Esteem Often, knowledge of one's abilities is confused with good self-esteem. If you think you have self-esteem just because you recognize yourself as competent in some area, you might be misled. Self-esteem is much deeper and involves your perception of your overall worth as an individual. If your conversations are constantly filled with phrases like "Can you give me advice?" or "What do you think?", it might be time to focus on nurturing your personal value.

Chronic Indecision: An Indicator of Low Self-Esteem Deep insecurity can lead to an inability to make independent decisions. The fear of making mistakes or not measuring up can push them to constantly seek others' approval. Even the simplest decisions, like choosing an outfit or a menu, can become a challenging task when low self-esteem is at play.

Excessive Self-Criticism and Procrastination Self-esteem affects the ability to accept and love oneself. If you think you're not good enough, you end up procrastinating or self-sabotaging. The belief that you don't deserve long-term rewards can lead you to prioritize immediate gratification, even if it's unsatisfying in the long run. It's a vicious cycle that can influence every aspect of life.

Overcoming Limiting Self-Esteem Self-awareness is crucial to overcoming limiting self-esteem. These individuals need to start taking care of themselves by gaining awareness of their own value. You have to challenge their negative beliefs and make autonomous decisions, even in small matters. Help them recognize that they deserve affection, consideration, and respect, regardless of achievements or rewards. Work on building a positive relationship with oneself.

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