Create a virtual love lock on an bridge of your choice
A virtual love lock is a real thought that is made to your partner or a personalized friend with your names and with the possibility of choosing the type of virtual padlock to be engraved virtually and the ideal bridge on which to position it by choosing it all over the world

What is a virtual love lock? 
As tradition wants, your name and name of the beloved/beloved are engraved on the lock of love and often also the date on which you got engaged or married. It can be a heart, two doves, two rings, the choice of symbols is vast. Love of love exist in different colors and formats. Once engraved, the lock of love is left by lovers in a special place, generally during a journey together.

The story of Love Too also but not only for Valentine's Day gifts

Love You Too believes that everyone on earth should be able to have their own padlock virtual love lock in a friendship or love story without damaging bridges and cities. For this we will give you the opportunity to create your virtual message of love or friendship to the person you love or to whom you want to dedicate it.

Love You Too offers the possibility of attributing their virtual padlocks with a beautiful message of love or friendship using bridges all over the world. The recording of a padlock in a bridge with Love Too is considered one of the most original, heartfelt and personal gifts to make to your partner, a friend, a family member or a colleague.

Nowadays, there are many gifts that you can do to your loved ones. Often you wonder what to give to that special person to make him feel that you love her forever. Perhaps a lock of love engraved with a message would work. Virtual love locks are excellent symbols of commitment to a lover, a friend, a family, etc. They are a perfect way to express to someone what they mean for you.

The interest in love locks  has increased since the beginning of the century, since more and more people seek different ways to express their mutual love. But the virtual " Love You Too"  love locke  are perfect gifts also for occasions such as degrees, Valentine's Day, birthdays, engagements, wedding ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, etc. Like a lock engraved by someone it would be a thought welcome forever.

Love You Too is a welcome thought as Valentine's Day gift ideas for him and her. Give a padlock of virtual love to tie someone you love or that you think is important for your life.

Born in Hungary but famous in Italy, this overwhelming fashion of love packets took hold with the book and italian movie by Federico Moccia "  three meters above the sky, " in all the world. Icon symbol of the film is Ponte Milvio in Rome, which has become the most famous in Italy. But if for a short time the trend seemed to have stopped here now is the stronger than before. New Italian, European  and world lovers do not want to give up the love padlocks! In fact, also in Venice, Florence, Verona, Milan and Naples, the love of love are extremely popular. Don't have a virtual love lock yet? Order it on love you too!
Create a Love lock, buy a virtual love locks to show a gifts love for your boyfriend o girlfriend, husband o  wife o for a saint valentine's day. Love is made in Italy!