A dedication is a suffused thought aimed at someone who captures our feelings. And hovering in the air that thought will reach him. Accustom your eyes to horizons more and more!

Dedicating a virtual Love Lock on a royal bridge is extremely easy. In the world there are many places and many cities famous for the tradition of the lucchetti of love and lucchetti bridges. With Love Too, however, there will be only an authentic and important place: your place of the heart!

This place is the one to which you and your sweet half you feel more tied. Perhaps it is the place where the spark or a place where you have experienced a particularly beautiful experience has struck.

Paris, Venice and Rome are classic cities of love, capable of arousing strong emotions that remain forever in the heart of lovers. The place of the heart can also be a "simple" bench in a park, the one on which you exchanged your very first kiss.

A magical moment ...

Popular tradition has it that the two lovers close the padlock together on a bridge and, after hanging it in the chosen place, launch the key behind the river waters.

Customize your virtual love lock on a royal bridge with Love You Too, create it now!

And if you don't know what to dedicate, well you are in the right place! We have collected many romantic phrases and love quotes for you. On this page you will find some short declarations of love that you can use to express your deepest feelings.

Of course, you don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to confess your love or simply to say: "You are unique and I am happy to have you with me".

Your partner will be happy by reading your message on any day of the year and it will be even more by receiving a lock of personalized love with engraving to seal your great love!

"Her father kept an eye on her, but she looked at herself, because there is no padlocks, guards or locks that keep a girl better than self -respect."

Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote Della Mancia, 1605/15


Tenderness like love are the only things that grow when shared. And here are some suggestions and dedications for a virtual love padlock to let you open the locks of your heart.

A soul mate is someone who has locks where your keys enter and keys that open your locks. When we feel secure enough to open the locks, our truest and truest selves step out and we can be completely and truly who we are. Richard Bach, A Bridge to Eternity, 1984

Doors can also be barred, but the problem will not be solved, however massive the locks may be. Padlocks and bolts certainly cannot tame or weaken the forces that cause emigration; they can help hide vision and mental problems, but not make them disappear. Zygmunt Bauman, Society under siege, 2002

If you are looking for the secrets and reasons of living, open the lock of your soul! Rosalia Colella, 588 reflections and aphorisms, 2013
I don't know about cities, padlocks and things of love. I've had love for someone, for the mountains, for life, but little for myself.
Mauro Corona, Latest Confessions, 2013

Faith is a lock of the mind and few keys can open it. Jerry A. Coyne

Love is like a lock... you have to find the right key. Myriam Filteau

A padlock is enough for a treasure, three are too few for a too beautiful woman. Gianfranco Grenar, Gentlemen Brigands, 2010

In the dark, things change. Things change especially in the dark,], when a person is alone. In that condition, the padlocks fall from the cage that contains the imagination and then anything can circulate freely. Stephen King, Gerald's Game, 1992

To love means, in any case, to be vulnerable. Whatever it is that is dear to you, your heart will sooner or later suffer because of it, and maybe even break. If you want to be sure that it remains intact, do not give it to anyone, not even an animal. Protect it by wrapping it carefully with pastimes and little luxuries; avoid any kind of involvement; padlock it in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket (safe, in the dark, motionless, under vacuum) it will change: it will not break; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. Clive Staples Lewis, The Four Loves, 1960

I think someone made a mistake in tying up the moped..." "Nope, stupid. It's called 'the chain of lovers'. You put a padlock around this chain, close it and throw the key into the Tiber." "And then?" "We never leave each other again." "But how do these stories come about?" "I don't know, this one has existed for Always...
Federico Moccia, I want you, 2006

So do you feel up to it or not?" "Of course I do." I put the padlock on the chain, close it and remove the key. I hold it between my fingers for a while while I stare at Gin. She looks at me. She challenges me, smiles at me, stands up an eyebrow. "So?" I take the key between forefinger and thumb. I let it dangle a little longer, suspended in the air, undecided. Then suddenly I release it. And it flies down, headlong, whirling in the air and is lost in the waters of the Tiber. "You really did it..."
Federico Moccia, I want you, 2006

I'm in Ponte Milvio. I stop the car and get out. I remember that night, those kisses, my first time. And then here, on the bridge... I stop in front of the third lamppost. I see our padlock. I remember when he threw the key into the Tiber. It was a promise, Step. Was it that hard to maintain? I start crying. For a moment I wish I had something behind it to break that lock. I hate you Step! Federico Moccia, I want you, 2006

A key on my neck, a padlock on your arm, these unclear writings are our alphabet. Guè Pequeno (pseudonym of Cosimo Fini), Indelible, 2013

The Italians make wonderful doors but if you want to keep others out use an American padlock. John Secondari, Threepenny in the Fountain, 1952

Polite and meek people whose lives are a treasure chest of hopes with a rusty padlock and whose keys have been lost.

Rod Serling, The Twilight Zone, 1959-1964

Your attitude can be the lock or key to the door to success. Denis Waitley


By now our souls are closed in a casket called "Destiny", sealed by a padlock called "Love", and will remain united for eternity. Anonymous

Keys and locks are not for trusty fingers. Proverb

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