The goal is to build a fulfilling life but you can't do that if, in your life, there is room for a relationship that doesn't work. Love occupies a very important space in our lives and sometimes relationships that don't work can "pollute" everything. Your relationship has undoubtedly given you a lot, it has made you dream, it has filled your heart, it has made you make wonderful plans... but if today, in your present, it has become a source of dissatisfaction and problems, you must be wise enough to evaluate a remedial intervention or separation. We all dream of love but few of us really know what to do not to conquer it, but to keep it alive throughout our lives. Love has daily needs. It needs attention, care, care, many small investments of energy that will give you back double what you give every day. If your relationship isn't working, something is probably missing from all of this, let us know with a virtual love lock by creating it on the Love You Too platform

Building a fulfilling life is an important goal, but it becomes challenging when a relationship doesn't function as it should.

Love occupies a significant space in our lives, and unsatisfactory relationships can contaminate everything around us. Despite the relationship having given you unforgettable moments, if it has now become a source of problems, it's essential to assess whether it's time to intervene or consider separation.

Love requires daily care, attention, and small gestures that demand an investment of energy. If your relationship isn't working, something may have been missing in this process. Sometimes, the cause isn't a lack of attention but difficulty in communicating with the partner. Communication is essential to express needs and desires clearly, without demands or excessive complaints.

Avoid bringing up the past during present conflicts. Rehashing past episodes during current arguments only damages the relationship. Past mistakes should stay in the past, and focusing on them destroys the couple. Forgiving and learning to forgive each other is crucial for the growth of the relationship.

Investing in a relationship doesn't mean sacrificing or nullifying oneself but learning to invest emotions wisely. Small gestures, such as sharing profound moments instead of settling for a condescending glance, keep the initial excitement alive. Treating the partner with esteem and respect, even when there are differences of opinion, is crucial for a healthy relationship.

Love occupies a fundamental space in our lives, and if a relationship becomes a source of dissatisfaction, it's crucial to assess whether to intervene to repair it or consider separation.

Love needs daily attention, care, and small investments of energy to thrive. Lack of effective communication can often contribute to the failure of a relationship. It's essential to learn to communicate needs without making demands or complaining, instead building a common ground of mutual understanding.

Bringing up the past during present conflicts is detrimental to the relationship. Rehashing past episodes only destroys the couple, while learning to forgive mistakes and live in the present is essential for the relationship's growth.

Relational commitment doesn't mean sacrificing or nullifying oneself but investing emotions wisely. Valuing the partner's passions and thoughts, even when they seem trivial, is a way to invest emotionally in the relationship.

The ebb and flow of respect is a common issue in couples. Respecting the partner's viewpoint, even if different from one's own, is crucial to keeping the relationship alive. Not always agreeing on everything is normal, but respecting differences and finding common ground is essential.

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