Where do you put a love lock in London? Can you still put locks on London Bridge? are there any love locks bridge in the UK? Wich Bridge in London Has the locks on?It's nice to make a token of love but also consider the environment too. Now you can do both on the Love You Too platform

Are love locks good for love? Yes, but if they are virtual. Here's where to put the physical ones in London

Love locks have become a popular and romantic means for couples to proclaim the timeless nature of their love—a sentiment unyielding and unbreakable. Typically, couples find bridges to be the natural canvas for this affectionate expression, affixing a padlock to the structure and symbolically casting the keys into the river below.

This romantic tradition, which gained traction across Europe in the early 2000s, is often credited with finding its roots on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. Love locks, also known as love padlocks, have transcended their initial symbolic gesture and are now frequently incorporated into wedding ceremonies. The symbolism aligns seamlessly with couples making enduring commitments to each other. What was once a clandestine act conducted under the cover of night has transformed into a ceremonious affair, complete with daylight rituals, accompanied by the capturing of photos and videos.

Couples exhibit creativity in their expressions of love—some opt for standard padlocks, adorned with hand-written or painted initials, while others invest in specially engraved padlocks commemorating the date of their visit.

Although love locks have made their mark in London, their prevalence pales in comparison to cities like Venice and Rome. In these European locales, authorities are investing substantial time and resources in the removal of love locks, recognizing the potential damage inflicted on historic bridges.

For those seeking the perfect spot to declare their love on an iconic London bridge, we've curated a list of the most popular locations where couples can partake in this sentimental tradition. And remember that any way you can find  to show your love is perfectly valid and intriguing. But consider the fact that you can create something that will remain forever in the heart and eyes of your loved one,  (your own virtual and personalized love lock ) on the "Love you Too" platform.


The Golden Jubilee Bridge, shrouded in a gentle rain, stands as a picturesque link connecting the vibrant Southbank to Charing Cross station and The Embankment on the north side of the illustrious River Thames. Adjacent to it is the Hungerford Bridge, a parallel railway structure. While not the most frequented site for love locks, a discerning eye will always catch a glimpse of these symbolic tokens along its expanse.

For the optimal vantage point, cast your gaze eastward towards Waterloo Bridge, where the majestic silhouette of St Paul’s Cathedral graces the distant skyline. On the Southbank, the Royal Festival Hall adds to the visual spectacle.

As you traverse this iconic footbridge, don't overlook the intriguing 'skateboard graveyard.' Local skateboarders contribute to this unique installation by tossing broken boards over the bridge, creating a fascinating spectacle.

Accessing the Golden Jubilee Bridge is convenient, with the nearest tube stations being Waterloo on the south side of the river or Embankment on the north side.

For those with an adventurous spirit eager to explore other love lock locations in London on the same day, the journey continues seamlessly. Board the RV1 bus from behind the London Eye/Royal Festival Hall, embarking on a delightful route to the next romantic destination at Tate Modern.


As the newest addition to London's Thames-spanning architectural ensemble, this iconic footbridge seamlessly connects Tate Modern on the vibrant south bank to the majestic St Paul’s Cathedral on the north.

For the most enchanting panorama, indulge in the picturesque views from both banks of the River Thames. On the south side, marvel at the Tate Modern and the historic Globe Theatre. On the north side, St Paul's Cathedral, the architectural masterpiece by Sir Christopher Wren, stands as an awe-inspiring backdrop.

Beyond the bridge's architectural charm, there are additional points of interest awaiting your attention. If the tide is low, observe individuals engaging in mudlarking on the north riverbank—though remember, participation requires a license and careful consideration of tidal conditions. On the north side, discover the 'Funicular railway' running adjacent to the steps beneath the bridge. When operational, it offers a free and unique transportation experience.

The closest tube stations facilitating your exploration are Southwark on the south side, marked by orange lamp posts guiding you to Tate Modern, and Blackfriars on the north side.

For those eager to continue their journey through London's love lock locations, the path unfolds seamlessly. Begin by strolling past Shakespeare's Globe and the bustling Borough Market, then traverse London Bridge, passing by the iconic HMS Belfast and City Hall before arriving at the renowned Tower Bridge.


 A bustling thoroughfare for cars, buses, motorbikes, cyclists, and pedestrians alike, Tower Bridge stands as a London icon. First opened in 1894, the bridge underwent a transformation in 1977 when its ironwork received the distinctive blue and white paint, marking a celebratory nod to the Queen's Silver Jubilee. It's crucial to clarify, however, that this is not London Bridge—it's the unmistakable Tower Bridge, distinctively adorned in blue and white, situated to the east.

Keep in mind that Tower Bridge frequently undergoes lifts, so it's advisable to check the lift schedule before embarking on your visit. Moreover, don't forget to cast your gaze upward, for the high walkways now boast glass floor panels in the center, offering a thrilling perspective of the river below.

For the most captivating views, direct your attention upward to Tower Bridge's high walkways. To the north, behold the historic Tower of London, while to the south, the distinctive glass egg-shaped structure known as City Hall graces the riverbank.

As you traverse this engineering marvel, embrace the plethora of picturesque views that unfold. Take a moment to wave to passing boats underneath—legend has it that offering a wave from Tower Bridge brings good luck to those below. Stand in the middle and peer through the gap to the River Thames below; experience the subtle wobble when a substantial vehicle traverses the bridge.

For those planning to explore other love lock locations in London on the same day, the journey continues seamlessly. Board the 78 bus from Tower Bridge, heading northward, and let it carry you to the vibrant district of Shoreditch.


In the heart of London, the enchanting tradition of love locks has ventured beyond bridges, finding a new canvas on a wire fence opposite Shoreditch High Street Overground station. As you exit the station, cast your gaze across the street to the left—you won't miss the spectacle of over 100 padlocks, a testament to countless declarations of enduring love.

While you immerse yourself in this romantic display, don't overlook the vibrant street art that adorns this eclectic part of town. Venture down Brick Lane, where the aromas of diverse curry houses beckon, and explore the array of vintage boutiques for a unique shopping experience. A stone's throw away, Spitalfields Market awaits, offering a treasure trove of stalls with quirky gifts, clothing, and jewelry.

For those seeking the nearest station to this romantic enclave, Shoreditch High Street (London Overground) is your gateway to this captivating display of love and the vibrant surroundings it inhabits.

Any way you find to show your love is perfectly valid and intriguing. But consider the fact that you can create something that will remain forever in the heart and sight of your loved one by creating your own virtual love lock on the "Love you Too" platform

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