I was sure of it, I would have drowned. The waves are too high, the ship too small and the coast too far away. But above all my mind is too scared. I saw the end approaching and with it the relief of surrender. In fact, I could finally stop fighting, despairing and suffering. But something inside transformed into agony by not being able to die gently. It was hope; an atrocious pain that never gives up! A complicated and true love can be defended until the end, tell the person you love with a virtual love lock created on the Love You Too platform

I was certain, the shipwreck in our relationship seemed inevitable.

An incredible storm with waves too high was passing through our lives, and my little ship didn't have the strength to reach the coast and enter calm and safe waters. The collapse was inevitable, and with it, all the beauty and intrigue of a relationship to which I had given heart and soul, intensely, like every sigh, moment, and particle of us. Now, my mind was consumed by a paralyzing fear. I contemplated the approach of the end, bringing that relief that only surrender and the end of so many battles can guarantee. Finally, I could lay down my weapons, abandon despair, and put an end to the suffering.

However, something inside me resisted, turning surrender into agony, unable to gently abandon the struggle. It was hope; an excruciating pain that refuses to yield!

Facing the complexity of a troubled relationship, a love that oscillates between difficulty and incipient toxicity, is a challenge that requires dedication and profound understanding. How to recover a bond that, despite going through difficult times, continues to dispense extraordinary sensations and emotions?

First and foremost, it is essential to look within oneself and sincerely reflect on the reasons that have led the relationship to become unmanageable and borderline toxic. Analyzing dynamics, identifying critical points, and acknowledging one's responsibilities are the first steps to embark on a path of recovery.

Open and honest communication becomes the centerpiece of change. Confronting problems head-on, without fear or recriminations, is crucial to creating a solid foundation on which to build the recovery of the relationship. Expressing one's feelings clearly and actively listening to the partner are crucial steps toward mutual understanding.

Investing time in individual growth and awareness of one's needs and limits is equally important. When both partners work on themselves, the contribution to the recovery of the relationship becomes more significant. Learning to manage emotions, communicate assertively, and cultivate personal happiness can transform the dynamics of the relationship.

Keeping the flame of love alive through small gestures of kindness, attention, and mutual appreciation is essential. Celebrating the qualities of the partner, rediscovering shared passions, and cultivating a deep connection can contribute to strengthening the bond.

In this recovery journey, it is crucial to remember that change takes time and commitment from both parties. Patience and determination in working together to overcome difficulties can lead to a rebirth of the relationship, transforming it into a love that is more mature and resilient to the storms of life.

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