For me the most intimate part of me is not kissing and hugging you or making love. But rather talk to you about me and what I have inside, because if I give you my body then I can take it back but if I give you a piece of my heart, that will belong to you forever. So love me properly and never hurt me, I'm telling you with a virtual love lock Love you Too

In the dance of love, what truly matters are not just the kisses, hugs, or physical acts, but the deep sharing, the vulnerability that allows us to talk about ourselves and reveal what lies within us. This is the most intimate part, the precious treasure guarded in our hearts.

When we physically give ourselves to someone, we can always withdraw our bodies and reclaim them. But when we truly open up, when we give a piece of our heart, it is an irrevocable act. That piece, once given, belongs forever to the other person. That's why it is so important to love with sincerity and respect, because when you enter someone's heart, it is a precious and delicate responsibility.

When you say "love me as one should," you are asking for something fundamental: authentic and respectful love. A love that doesn't hurt but heals, that doesn't betray but protects, that doesn't judge but understands. It is an appeal to a mature love, made of small attentions and great empathy.

Love is an exciting journey, but it can also be a winding and rough road. Heart wounds can be deep, and once inflicted, they can leave indelible scars. So, I ask: "never hurt me." It is a request for gentleness and respect for my vulnerable being. Because only with you, with that special connection we have, can I allow myself to strip off my defenses and show myself for who I truly am.

A virtual love lock, Love You Too, becomes the tangible symbol of this promise and request. It is a symbolic gesture that represents the protection and security of our love. With it, I symbolically ask you to guard the piece of my heart that belongs to you, to protect it, and nurture it with your affection.

When we love someone with all our soul, we desire to be loved with the same intensity and sincerity. This doesn't mean that love has to be perfect, because even in love, there are ups and downs, moments of joy, and moments of difficulty. But what truly matters is the awareness and commitment to grow together, to overcome obstacles, to learn from our mistakes, and to forgive each other.

Love me as one should, with an open heart and mind. Be my rock and my refuge, the accomplice of my adventures, and the support in difficult times. And with a virtual love lock, Love You Too, we commit to safeguard the beauty and fragility of our love because together we can face any challenge and build an inseparable bond.

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