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Chambers Creek Regional Park "Love Lock" Project: Fusing Art and Affection

The enchanting Swoon interactive art structure within Chambers Creek Regional Park is reaching completion, boasting poured foundations and installed metal "reeds." Now, it eagerly awaits the addition of 'love locks' to further infuse it with sentimental charm.

In July 2023, the construction of the ADA-compliant path leading to the art structure was successfully finalized.

Swoon is a new interactive public art structure located in the Central Meadow near the entrance to the Chambers Creek Bridge. This is a permanent structure on which the public can place locks (or commonly known as "love locks"). The metal poles are a representation of the natural environment of grass swaying in the wind in Chambers Creek Regional Park and are designed to capture the industrial history of the site.

Climbing, hanging or bending the rods to place a padlock is prohibited. It is advisable not to use a lock to connect multiple reeds or add strings or other materials to connect the reeds. Padlocks are meant to stack vertically on top of each other. The County reserves the right to remove locks deemed unsafe or damaging to the artwork. The locks will be properly recycled.

In this place, far from the bans imposed in Europe and in many parts of the world, it is possible to place your own padlock and thus contribute in this way to the structure itself, making it more artistic. In practice everyone makes their contribution to the structure by simply inserting their own colored padlock marked with names and dates. But at Swoon it is important to treat everything carefully and avoid climbing, hanging or bending the structure in any way. Refrain from attaching wire or other materials to the rods. In fact, the County reserves the right to remove locks that compromise the security of the artwork or cause damage.

Once your love lock is securely placed, symbolizing everlasting commitment, ensure to "throw away the key" into the designated receptacles adjacent to the art structure.

For additional details, consult our FAQ section below or click here.And remember that any way you can find  to show your love is perfectly valid and intriguing. But consider the fact that you can create something that will remain forever in the heart and eyes of your loved one,  (your own virtual and personalized love lock ) on the "Love you Too" platform.

Image: People participating in the Love Lock tradition on the Swoon art structure

About the Project: Currently, at Chambers Creek Regional Park, individuals affix locks onto the stainless-steel guardrail cables of the Chambers Creek Bridge. Unfortunately, this practice harms the bridge, introducing various issues such as structural concerns and additional weight on the cables. To address this, a thoughtfully designed public art piece, Swoon, will be erected near the bridge. This space is intended to offer a secure, enjoyable, and interactive setting for the public to place locks, simultaneously safeguarding the bridge's structural integrity.

Scope of Work: Pierce County’s Arts Commission has chosen a design for the public art piece that encourages the placement of 'Love Locks' onto the dedicated structure, diverting from the existing bridge cables. The design mirrors the natural beauty of Chambers Bay and pays homage to the industrial history of the site.

Location of Artwork: Situated conveniently close to the pier entrance, the artwork is easily accessible via an ADA-compliant route.

This project is made possible through funding from the Pierce County 1% for the Arts Program.

Pierce County Art Program: Pierce County's commitment to the arts is evident through the One Percent for the Arts ordinance. This directive allocates one percent of the budget for publicly funded construction projects exceeding $100,000 to support public art. The program aims to enhance access to the arts for all Pierce County residents by creating a lasting legacy of publicly held artwork within county-owned or county-leased facilities.

An undoubtedly interesting and "going against the trend" project which aims to make an "artistic" form of the traditional use of the positioning of physical love padlocks on bridges around the world. Obviously it is above all a tourist tour that aims to increase the tourist presence in the Pierce County area in Washington near Tacoma and Seattle in the USA. In any case, any way you choose to show your love is perfectly valid and intriguing. However, consider the fact that you can create something that will forever remain in the heart and sight of your beloved by creating your own virtual love lock on the "Love You Too" platform.

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