Are you in love or are you just a learned effect of “limerence”, that intense desire and attachment? Say it's true love in full transparency by creating your love lock in a virtual and completely automatic way also on the Love You Too platform! But when are you under the limerence effect? And what's the difference between a high school crush or falling in love?


The term "limerence" often sneaks into our emotional vocabulary, creating confusion between true love and a more temporary form of attraction.

When you thought your teenage crush was the epitome of love, you might have been experiencing the early signs of limerence—a cognitive state characterized by excessive desire and attachment to another person. This cognitive and emotional state goes beyond simple passion; it's an intense desire that almost manifests obsessively. You can easily recognize it when you can't stop thinking about a person, when your heart beats faster at the mere thought of them, and when vivid images of your future together paint themselves in your mind.

Limerence is when thoughts for the other person seem to enter your head without permission. You become highly sensitive to what this person does and, especially, how they respond to your feelings. You might feel really happy if they reciprocate, but you can also feel very sad if things don't go as you'd like and you're not reciprocated.

But what happens when adulthood comes into play? Teenage crushes become more mature, more realistic. Instead of fantasizing about marriages and stolen kisses, we begin to assess the real chemistry between us and the object of our affection. However, limerence can still sneak into adult life, bringing with it that obsession that almost seems beyond our control.

Creating your love lock on Love You Too can be an act of transparency to distinguish between true love and limerence. While intense feelings may seem similar, it's important to recognize the difference. The lock becomes a tangible symbol of your commitment to a love that goes beyond fleeting emotions, a love that grows and evolves over time.

Limerence can be an overwhelming feeling, but it's crucial to ask whether it's destined to last. Experiencing limerence as an adult can bring unique challenges as we face reality and the need to develop mature relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

Love You Too becomes the digital bridge between the ephemeral and the enduring, offering you the opportunity to create your love symbol virtually and completely automatically. Customize your lock with symbols, special dedications, or significant dates, emphasizing your commitment to a love that goes beyond the surface.

In the end, the love lock becomes a means to express the maturity of your emotions, a declaration of transparency in distinguishing between the fleeting and the lasting. Through this gesture, you affirm your commitment to a love that evolves, strengthens, and transforms, leaving behind adolescent limerence to embrace the depth of mature love.

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