I love those men, who still taste good. Those who, meeting their gaze, can tell you many things in a single moment, without being rude males, but only splendid men in their mature fullness of soul. I love those men who are never vulgar, never out of place despite being outside of any usual line. I love their slightly retro charm that smells of ancient land, fresh flowers and sacred paintings in the night. Distant, refined.... detached and completely unrelated to the use of words and behaviors of today. I love that scent they give off when they touch your heart, smiling slightly at you. I love those Men who know how to look for you, because they know how to find you even if you are not there. tell it romantically to the person you love by dedicating a virtual padlock created on the Love You Too platform to signify all this

I love those men who carry with them the unmistakable fragrance of kindness.

Is a rare and authentic scent that permeates the air as they cross our path. They are the ones who, with a glance, manage to convey an entire universe of emotions, never succumbing to the harsh clamor of raw masculinity but expressing their splendid manhood through the maturity of the soul.

These men, never vulgar, never out of place even when they stand outside conventional norms, represent a captivating and somewhat retro beauty. Their presence evokes scents of ancient soil, fresh flowers, and sacred paintings that come alive in the night. They are distant, refined, detached, strangers to contemporary stereotypes, yet they exude an irresistible charm that captivates and captures.

I adore the way these men, with their faint smiles, know how to wrap the heart in a magical aura. Their fragrance, when they touch our being, is an invitation to get lost in the hidden paths of their soul, an enchanting melody that charms us and brings us closer to a world of refinement and authenticity.

But what I love most is their ability to seek, to go beyond the surface, to peer into the recesses of the soul to find us even when we are not physically present. They can recognize our essence, even when we are far away, and this makes them authentic poets of love.

In this romantic context, I want to address these words to the beloved as a hymn to the elegance and depth of the soul. I dedicate a virtual love lock on the Love You Too platform as a tangible symbol of this unique connection. The lock becomes the key to our bond, an eternal symbol of the beauty and sophistication that unites us.

I love those men who carry the delicacy of times past, men who still exude goodness, who have the ability to communicate through a glance in an instant, without ever touching vulgarity or coarseness. They are men who shine in their mature fullness of spirit, manifesting a beauty that transcends time and conventional patterns.

These men are never vulgar or out of place, even when they step outside the lines of normalcy. I love their somewhat retro charm, which emanates a scent of ancient soil, fresh flowers, and sacred paintings in the night. They are distant, refined, yet completely estranged from contemporary stereotypes, manifesting a grace that seems to escape modern times.

Their fragrance, when they touch your heart, is a unique essence, a call to authentic and genuine things. I love those men who smile subtly, who know how to seek you even when you're not physically present, capable of finding you in the deepest recesses of your soul.

I dedicate these romantic words to the person I love, as a tribute to that timeless charm, to that fragrance of elegance and wisdom that emanates. And to emphasize this feeling, I dedicate a virtual love lock on the Love You Too platform, as a tangible symbol of this unique and timeless love. The lock becomes our seal, the bond that transcends daily conventions, a shared secret that strengthens the connection between us.

In a world that often seems frantic and chaotic, these special men represent a refuge, an anchor of stability and beauty. The lock becomes our sanctuary, a tangible sign of this love that embraces kindness, depth, and sophistication. In each key, we see the potential to open new doors, to discover together new chapters of this romantic story.

Loving those men who exude kindness is a journey into a world of deep and genuine sensations. Dedicating a virtual love lock becomes a romantic and tangible way to seal this unique connection, an eternal reminder of the beauty and authenticity that surrounds our love.

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