Don't fall in love with a Gemini because he will ruin you in the best way; but many times it's worth it. Tell him with a virtual lock created with the Love You Too platform.
They will teach you that people are not what they seem. They play two very different roles in your life. They can be the life of every party they enter that social "star", but when the party is over they can also be deep and emotional.

Avoid falling for a Gemini, for they will ruin you in the best possible way; however, many times, it's worth it. Convey this message through a virtual lock, created with the Love You Too platform.

They will teach you that people are not what they seem. Geminis play two very different roles in your life. They can be the life of every party, stepping into that social "star," but when the party is over, they can also be deep and emotional. They can be a lone wolf and often need time to think and reflect on things.

Don't fall for a Gemini because they will love you just for being you. They don't fall in love often, but when they do, it's always with someone of quality who has a lot to offer. It's more about mental attraction. They need someone in their life who motivates and pushes them to be better, as that's exactly what they'll do for you.

Don't fall for a Gemini because they will forgive you. No matter how serious, whatever you've done, they have the ability to see things from a perspective that is not yours. Before acting and reacting, every move and every word is carefully chosen.

They consider the feelings of others. You look at them and feel overwhelmed with guilt because even though they forgive you, you struggle to forgive yourself.

Don't fall for a Gemini because they will truly take the time to know you. And they will do everything they can to be what you need in a person.

They will get to know every sharp edge you have, and they won't be afraid of it. They will learn about every mistake you made in the past and won't think much about what you once were. They will focus on who you are now.

Don't fall for a Gemini if you don't understand that they need space. They won't talk to you every minute of every day; they won't think about you every second. But they will fit into your life as best they can and love you.

Understand that Geminis are natural leaders. Everything they are involved in will come out under their guidance. Along with this, they are workaholics and always strive for success. What they need in a partner is support, understanding, and a long leash. Someone who won't stop them.

Don't fall for Geminis because you will change by loving them. They make the best version of yourself, and when you look in the mirror, it's them you'll see looking back at you. From the sayings you pick up and how you say them to gestures, you'll see them in some parts of you, and you'll be happy about it.

Don't fall for a Gemini because they will give you their heart so effortlessly that it shows you how love should be easy all along, and you'll wonder why you settled for something complicated in the past.

Don't fall for a Gemini because they are hopeless romantics and will drive you crazy. They will ruin all your songs and favorite places.

They say little things they don't think much about, and you watch them, realizing that this person is more than you could have wished for in one individual. They have set a new level of standards that you didn't even know someone could reach.

Don't fall for a Gemini because, as strong as they may seem, they struggle to trust people and have difficulty letting others get close. They know what they have to offer is of high quality, but in the past, many people have taken them for granted. But if you work with them and show them they can trust you, you'll have their loyalty forever.

Don't fall for a Gemini because you will suddenly find yourself being protective of them. You will hate anyone who hurts them or uses them or makes them doubt themselves. Even if you're not the type to hate others, you'll fall so in love with Geminis that their well-being will be more important than yourself. They will teach you the definition of unconditional love.

Don't fall for a Gemini because their honesty will make you never want to lie again.

You'll find yourself whispering "I love you" fearfully, and when it's said to you, you'll realize how lucky you are to have a Gemini by your side.

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