I wanted to write; not to know how you are but to know how it is without me. I would like to know what it feels like not to have me, not to hear me laugh, get excited, not enjoy myself in everyday life. Not to let off steam for anything that's wrong with not being able to take me as a scapegoat there, immediately to act as a lightning rod for anything that doesn't make you feel good. Maybe he's better off without me or not. But the doubt came to me and I would also like to know if every now and then this doubt comes to you too. Because instead I wonder how it is without you but then I prefer not to answer myself. I even forgot myself to be able to remember you. Say it with a Love You Too virtual love lock

The Questions of the Heart: When love ends, how does it feel without you? Indulge yourself with a virtual love padlock "Love You Too."

When love comes to an end, it always leaves behind remnants; many questions that remain relentlessly unanswered. But what if we could have these answers with a touch of irony? We can do so to overcome the complexity of love and absence. "How does it feel without me?" is one of these questions, a sincere analysis of emotions that arise when pondering one's significance in someone's life.

Exploring the Void: Absence and Emotions The absence of a loved one can evoke a range of intense and contrasting emotions. The curiosity about how it feels without us reflects the desire to understand the impact we have on someone's life. This question delves deep, revealing the fear of being forgotten and the anxiety of not leaving a significant mark.

The Fear of Absence and the Need to Be Present The question "how does it feel without me?" may stem from the fear that the other person might be better off without us or that they could find happiness elsewhere. However, genuine love isn't based on fear but on mutual growth and happiness. It's an opportunity to reflect on how important we are to the other person and to strengthen awareness of the uniqueness of the bond.

Internal Debate: Doubt About Absence Often, the doubt about absence reflects our own need for confirmation and validation. We wonder if the other person is asking the same question and if our impact is equally profound. This internal debate is a testament to the importance of open and sincere communication in relationships.

The Virtual Padlock "Love You Too": A Symbol of Connectivity and Reflection The use of the virtual padlock "Love You Too" underscores the importance of communicating our deepest thoughts and feelings. It's a symbol of emotional connectivity and shared reflection. Through this gesture, an attempt is made to bridge the gap that absence can create and to reaffirm the significance of mutual presence.

Answering the question "how does it feel without me" is certainly not easy, and perhaps there will never be an adequate answer. However, it's an inquiry that reflects the human need for belonging and meaning. Exploring this concept leads us to reflect on the uniqueness of our relationships and the complexity of the emotions they evoke. The virtual padlock "Love You Too" is a way to unite hearts and minds, strengthening the bond and shared love, sometimes with a touch of irony that can bring a glimmer of light in the long, dark night.

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