Life teaches us that sometimes we pursue a thousand friends and falsely hug and say I love you without knowing the meaning of this word and much less without feeling it. But only those who truly appreciate remain close to you in good times and bad. While you still have time, let the people you care about know that you care about them and do it with a virtual padlock Love you Too

The finest definition of what it truly means to love unfolds through a tangible symbol: a virtual love lock "Love You Too." Let us share with you the story of an Ex-Girlfriend.

The relationship concluded seven months ago, and in that time, each individual pursued their life as they saw fit, with whomever they chose. She experienced successes, while he encountered failures. They reached a point of speaking ill of each other, even resorting to inappropriate words. Then, a turning point occurred when he was hospitalized for seven days. Upon discovering that his situation was more complicated than anyone had anticipated, for the past four days, she has slept in a chair, unwavering in her commitment to await his recovery. In doing so, she abandoned her passion for dance, her social life, her friends, her commitments, her pride, and even a part of her family—all to ensure he wouldn't face his challenges alone and to witness his emergence from this difficult time.

At times, he awakens and almost demands that she go home to rest, but she becomes upset and leaves the room with furrowed brows and a disgruntled expression. He eventually falls back asleep, only to find her sitting by his side in that chair upon waking, patiently waiting for him to recover so she can bring him home.

Sometimes, we need to hit rock bottom to realize that, out of inertia, we trade gold for copper and loyalty for self-interest. Life teaches us that we may have had a thousand friends who embraced us falsely and more than one love that uttered "I love you" without understanding the true meaning of the word, let alone feeling it. Only those who appreciate who you were as a person in their life will stay by your side, keeping their promise through thick and thin.

We hope that the fortunate individual accompanying your life appreciates what I failed to recognize and realizes that a woman like this isn't found around every corner. While there's still time, let the people who matter to you know that you care about them, and do it with a virtual love lock "Love You Too."

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