Sometimes you sleep alone for too long, in a double bed where you learn to keep yourself alone and your only friend becomes solitude. You are very autonomous and you grow up managing on your own, soon realizing that "YOU" are the only person who can support you when everything around you seems not to be going the way you want. You soon learn that "being alone" is a splendid condition of freedom and that not having "needs" is the prerequisite for building healthy and... true relationships. But if under your pillow, you find yourself fantasizing in the pajamas of a person who shared wonderful moments with you, you soon find yourself designing spaces that previously only bore your name. Don't let your "I" prevail over "WE" and start writing a few pages of your story together, starting by dedicating a virtual love lock to your partner and creating it on the Love You Too platform. And now, as if by magic, WITHOUT will be synonymous with WITH.

There are moments when you find yourself sleeping alone, in a bed meant for two, and it becomes a stage for solitude.

It's in these nights that you learn the art of keeping yourself company, where solitude becomes your only friend. Its presence, initially intimidating, transforms into a silent companion that accompanies both sleep and awakenings. In these experiences of autonomy, you grow, experiment, and realize that "YOU" are the only person capable of supporting yourself when everything seems to go awry.

Solitude, far from being an adversary, becomes a precious travel companion. You learn that "being alone" is not a sentence but a splendid condition of freedom. The awareness of not "needing" becomes the foundation for building healthy and authentic relationships. But even in this independence, under the pillow, the heart continues to daydream with the scent of the pajamas worn by someone who shared unforgettable moments with you. In those moments, the spaces that once bore only your name come alive with shared memories.

The challenge is not to let your "self" prevail over "WE." Begin writing a few pages of your story together by dedicating a virtual love lock to your partner on the Love You Too platform. It's a symbolic gesture that goes beyond physical distance, a way to seal the shared memories and emotions, making the love that binds you tangible.

"You" and yourself as the only pillar to rely on when everything seems to go wrong.

This period of embracing "being alone" becomes an opportunity to discover the beauty of individual freedom. You learn that not "needing" is the foundation for building healthy and authentic relationships. Solitude becomes a precious ally, a moment of introspection that guides toward a deeper understanding of oneself and one's needs.

But if, under the warmth of your pillow, in those moments of intimacy with yourself, you find your thoughts wandering to the pajamas of someone who shared beautiful moments with you, inevitably thoughts of spaces that once bore only your name begin to emerge.

In these moments, it is crucial not to let your "self" prevail over "WE." Solitude should not become an insurmountable wall but rather a bridge that connects your world to that of another person. Because in the magic of relationships, there is no room for "without," only for "with."

That's why starting to write a new page of your story together can be so significant. Dedicating a virtual love lock to your partner on the Love You Too platform becomes the first step toward a stronger connection. It's a symbolic gesture that transforms "without" into "with," creating a virtual bond that translates into a concrete reality.

Invite your partner to share this symbolic gesture, to create together a virtual lock that represents the bridge between your worlds. This is how, as if by magic, WITHOUT becomes synonymous with WITH, and solitude gives way to a connection that rewrites the story of two hearts beating in unison.

Solitude, which once seemed to fill every space, dissolves in the warmth of memories and promises sealed by a virtual lock. Every moment spent alone becomes a chapter in your story, a prelude to a new adventure where "WE" transcends every barrier and fills every space with the intensity of shared love.

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