The history of Ponte Milvio is known to everyone but the legend begins with the fashion for love padlocks launched by the movie: "Ho voglia di te", based on the novel by Federico Moccia. In 2023, physical love locks are now a thing of the past and the trend for virtual love locks begins with Love you Too


It all started with "Tre metri sopra il cielo," followed by "Ho voglia di te," its sequel. These two movies of the teen cult genre feature Riccardo Scamarcio as the young Step, an idol for millions of dreamy teenage girls who identify with the protagonists of the two films, first Babi and then Gin, to experience their overwhelming love stories.

The message is straightforward yet incredibly romantic—just what a dense population of young couples needed to sear an love they feel as a burning flame. Hence, a real frenzy erupted from these two films, leading people to follow trends and attitudes replicated worldwide.

The choice of Ponte Milvio also appears sensible and logical. It is one of the oldest and historically most significant bridges in Rome, serving as a junction between the Cassia, Flaminia, Clodia, and Veientana roads. Many Romans know it as Ponte Mollo because, during Tiber floods, it's often the first bridge in the city to be submerged. It's a bridge that encapsulates stories and legends among the most intriguing from the ancient Roman Empire. This aura of magic and sighs over time has created romantic expectations for many couples who, imitating the protagonists of the film "Ho voglia di te," have established a must for lovers that is still felt worldwide. Who wouldn't want to try hanging a padlock with their names on the lampposts and then throwing the key into the Tiber if it meant the certainty of eternal love?

Legends are slow to die, and that's why the tradition renews itself in 2023 with virtual love locks created on the Love You Too platform. With a simple click, you not only avoid damaging the environment but also continue the tradition, expanding it with gadgets and curious images. Lock after lock and key after key, we can remember Ponte Milvio and numerous other bridges worldwide beyond their history as protagonists of various battles, not for their architectures, but with the spirit of love that has always accompanied humanity.

Returning to our Ponte Milvio, after most of the locks were removed in 2012 due to serious structural problems, the trend shifted from Ponte Milvio to the Trevi Fountain, to Vicolo del Forno, already nicknamed Vicolo dell’Amore, with the keys of the locks thrown into the fountain. The effect becomes even more suggestive when done at night, away from the prying eyes of the vigilant authorities who, beyond coins, surely don't want to find many small keys in the famous fountain.

Fashion or not, what is certain is that every tourist couple arriving in the capital cannot resist the call of love locks. Ponte Milvio, despite everything, owes its international fame precisely to Federico Moccia, the author of the books from which the films were adapted. That's why it continues to mildly host street vendors always equipped with indelible markers and even small tools to engrave names on the locks.

But Rome is meant to be experienced this way, appreciating its beauty without defacing it. Between one aperitivo and another at the famous and historic kiosk, or in the many bars that now populate the surrounding square where professionals gather after a day of work and young people at the beginning of the evening, one can always spot couples, hand in hand, strolling to admire the sunset over the river and fulfill their dream of love. Let these intriguing images linger in your mind with style and romance. Enjoy the city, but if you want to give a meaningful pledge of love, consider creating a virtual love lock on the Love You Too platform.

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