Create an nft with your virtual love lock on a real bridge to have a unique and unrepeatable memory exclusively yours... forever

Love You Too is the only project that allows you to create a virtual love lock on a royal bridge with certificate/certified and a personalized NFT that will be exclusively yours forever

NFT are digital resources intended to upset and radically change our way of managing memories and unique moments forever. The NFT can present itself in the form of art, music, game objects, videos and more. They are purchased and sold online, often with a cryptocurrency, and are generally coded with the same software below of many cryptocurrencies. They are gaining notoriety quickly now because they are becoming an increasingly popular way to buy and sell digital art works. The NFT market was worth the incredible figure of 41 billion dollars only in 2021, an amount that approaches the total value of the entire global market of fine arts. Even the NFTs are generally unique in their kind, or at least one of a very limited edition, and have unique identification codes.

Love You Too allows you to create unique and unrepeatable NFTs because they are the fruit of your personal dedications and allows you to own the original object. Not only that, it contains integrated authentication, which acts as a proof of ownership. Collectors appreciate these "digital boasting rights" almost more than the object itself. How is a NFT different from the cryptocurrency? NFT stands for token not fungible. It is generally built using the same type of cryptocurrency programming, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it is here that the similarity ends. Physical money and cryptocurrencies are "fungible", in the sense that they can be exchanged or exchanged with each other. They also have the same value: a dollar always applies to another dollar; A bitcoin is always the same as another bitcoin. Crypto fungibility makes it a reliable means to conduct transactions on the blockchain. The NFT are different. Everyone has a digital signature that makes NFT's exchange impossible between them or equal (therefore, not fungible). An NBA Top Shot clip, for example, is not equal to every day simply because they are both NFT. In essence, the NFTs are like physical collection objects, but digitally digitalized and encrypted. So, in addition to having a physical certificate of your virtual love lock and the dedication made you will also have a digital NFT with exclusive property right. The NFT can have only one owner at a time and their use of Blockchain technology simplifies the verification of the property and the transfer of tokens between the owners. In the quality of creators you can also memorize specific information in the metadata of a NFT.

Like an artist, you can sign your work by also including the signature in the file.

But do you need the NFT in OSA? First of all, to memorize memories in the future and always have them at hand, having the exclusive one and secondly as content creators you can, if you want to use them to monetize your products. Collectors are willing to pay much more for something unique. For this reason, the NFTs move the cryptographic paradigm making each token unique and irreplaceable, thus making it impossible that a non -fungible token is equal to another. They are digital representations of resources and have been compared to digital passports because each token contains univocal identity and not transferable to distinguish it from the other tokens. They are also extensible, which means that you can combine one NFT with another to "create" one third unique NFT.

Let someone really special to you know that you appreciate everything about them and know how to recognize their particular characteristics. Do it with love you too, find a bridge you'd like to dedicate to it and dedicate a virtual padlock to it. The receiving person will understand that they are truly special to you and will look at you with different eyes and incredible joy. Let yourself be inspired by our pages and create the right dedication you want to send. Special people are important to us and it's worth dedicating time and affection or love to them as the case may be but also letting them know how important they are to us. Spread your love or simply a thought of affection or esteem to the person you care about with Love you too. Propose yourself with this exclusive idea that will strengthen your friendship or your love or... will lay the foundations for it. .

A nice and original thought.

A love lock, albeit virtual, symbolizes the security and preservation of precious feelings and fellowship, as are friendship and love. The love locks on bridges are universal symbols of love, devotion and commitment. Commit your love forever with Love You too.

Love You Too  for saying someone " i think to you" also as a gift for Valentine's Day for him and for her. Send a virtual Love Lock to gift love to someone you love or who is important for your life. a Precius gift for your boyfriend, gift for your girlfriend, wife or husband or simply friend.
Love you too virtual love locks as an anniversary gift for him or her, even complicated boyfriend or girlfriend. It is an original and fun gift especially for an anniversary or a month anniversary, ideal and romantic, also recommended for long distance relationships