At the end of 2006, based on the novel "Ho voglia di te" by Federico Moccia, the bridge began to attract the interest of couples who use the same light pole to hang "love locks"...

That's such a beautiful blend of history and romance!

Ponte Milvio the anchiente and most famous bridge in Rome  sounds like a witness to centuries of stories. The tradition of love locks is such a sweet way for couples to symbolize their eternal love. And the fact that it has a digital counterpart on Love You Too adds a modern twist to this timeless tradition. What a lovely way to bridge the gap between the glorious past and the digital age!As a symbol of everlasting love, couples in this ritual place a padlock on the pole and then toss the key into the river. In April 2007, the pole collapsed under the weight, leading to a ban on this practice. However, in July of the same year, the Mayor of Rome installed steel columns where enthusiasts could place their locks... and now, you too can create your virtual love lock on the Love You Too platform.

Ponte Milvio, one of Rome's most enchanting icons, is not just a bridge but a historical testament spanning centuries of events and love. Built in 206 B.C. by Gaius Claudius Nero after his victory in the Battle of Metaurus, the bridge has undergone various transformations over the centuries.

In 115 B.C., Consul Emilio Scauro rebuilt the bridge in stone, destroying its original structure. Its significance amplifies with the legendary battle between Constantine and Maxentius in 312, which took place on its banks. A place rich in history and romance.

The hands of artists Giuseppe Valladier and Domenico Pigiani shaped the bridge in the 18th and 19th centuries, giving it its current form. However, its romantic notoriety intensified in 2006 with the start of a tradition inspired by Federico Moccia's novel "I Want You."

In love, couples began sealing their commitment by attaching "love locks" to a lamppost on the bridge. These locks, witnesses to eternal bonds, were then thrown into the river along with the keys. However, in 2007, the pole succumbed to the weight of the locks, leading to a prohibition of this romantic practice.

Sensitive to the magic of love, the Mayor of Rome intervened in July of the same year by placing steel columns to allow couples to continue the tradition. But now, in addition to the physical dimension of the bridge, you can also express your virtual love on the Love You Too platform by creating your digital love lock. A new way to celebrate love, bridging the glorious past of Ponte Milvio with the modernity of the digital era.

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