Even in Rome there was a bridge for lovers... Ponte Milvio the most famous Bridge!
Countless padlocks have adorned one of Rome's bridges for some time, testifying to promises of eternal love or almost eternal love of couples in love. Now it is no longer possible as they were removed in 2007. But now you too can create your own virtual love lock while respecting the environment on the Love you too platform


Ponte Milvio, one of Rome's historical treasures, has witnessed centuries of love and passion. Located on the northern bank of the Tiber, the bridge became famous not only for its majestic structure but also for the padlocks that once adorned its arches, testaments to eternal love promises made by lovers who entrusted the waters of the Tiber to seal their fate.

Built in the 4th century B.C. to extend the Flaminian Way, Ponte Milvio has undergone numerous transformations over the centuries. The ancient Romans called it Ponte Mollo, as during Tiber floods, it was often submerged, a fate that only heightened its legendary charm.

The earliest historical traces of Ponte Milvio date back to 207 B.C., during the Second Punic War, when the structure was likely made of wood. It was later rebuilt in masonry, perhaps by Molvius, one of the magistrates of the time. Over the centuries, the bridge underwent several restoration interventions, including those by censor Marcus Aemilius Scaurus in 109 B.C. and by Pope Pius VII in the early 19th century.

But the most famous story associated with Ponte Milvio is the conversion of Emperor Constantine in 312 A.D. During the battle against Maxentius, Constantine experienced a nocturnal vision that would guide him to victory. Constantine, now Emperor, promoted religious freedom with the Edict of Milan, an act that would change the course of Western history.

Today, Ponte Milvio is an integral part of the Vittoria and Tor di Quinto districts, a short distance from Piazza Mancini. Not only is it an architectural marvel, but it is also surrounded by points of interest and venues, making it a fascinating area to explore. For cycling enthusiasts, it is possible to traverse the area by bike or rent a two-wheeler to explore the surrounding zone.

In the 19th century, near Ponte Milvio, the Pontemolle Gesellschaft, a circle of artists, emerged, including personalities like Thorvaldsen, Franz, Cornelius, and others. This circle attracted artists from across Europe, creating a stimulating and evocative atmosphere.

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