All the charm of the lagoon divided between the French and the Dutch side dominated by the pledges of love

The road around the Simpson Bay Lagoon is characterized by two drawbridges that cover the canals that connect the lagoon with the open sea. The lagoon is divided between the French and the Dutch side by a third bridge called Causeway Bridge. At several scheduled times, the bridges open for the transit of yachts and therefore car traffic is interrupted. It is the simple charm of a place lost in time and incredibly romantic.

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It is simply wonderful to observe the swivel bridge of the raised road of Sint Maarten. Enter the bridge from the far right and approach the nearby "swing"
at the center of photography.

St. Martin / St. Maarten Bridge 

It is never any day when you park the car at the Union Road roundabout, start your journey through the new Causeway Bridge that connects Union Road with Airport Road on the Dutch side of Sint Maarten/St. Martino. The Causeway Bridge was opened in 2013 in the hope of relieving traffic in the Simpson Bay area. Looking towards the swing bridge on the side of Union Road. You will see an incredible show.
Near the side of the Causeway Union Road is the immense swivel bridge that can be opened to allow the trafficking of boats to navigate in the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Your mission is to reach Swing Bridge and place the "Love Lochks" love padlocks on the red metal heart that has been positioned on the bridge for that purpose. This enchanting place propitiates the idea so beautiful for any in love to position their lucchetti of love on the bridge to show one's mutual love as well as the love for the island that you will learn to know and appreciate for its infinite beauty.

The red heart on the metal network only for "love locks" bonds of love

For those who have no idea what a "love lock" can be, it is a trend in which you and the love of your life put true bonds or combination padlocks somewhere on a bridge to declare your mutual love. Many have said that it is a plague that is ruining the bridges of our world. The "love locks" are thus despised by some who say they deface and damage historical structures and think that the new trend is Barbara. Starting in 2007, Rome has also introduced fines for those who leave a padlock on the bridge over the Tiber river.

But it is really so damn romantic to insert your padlock on the huge heart

Some Love Locks  have even appeared on the Eiffel tower and in various places in London. Sint Maarten, known as "The Friendly Island", wanted this tradition to become a tourist attraction (and it is not the only one). So they designed a special place in advance where to place the "love locks" Padlocks of love. And they conceived and positioned a huge red heart on the swing bridge. In Saint Maarten the love of love are welcome In love with the Swing Bridge as well as the whole island I Minto Maarten/St. Martin. Cross the bridge and place your padlocks on the metal heart through the metal grid of the heart. Needless to say, a kiss serves to sweat and conclude the unofficial ceremony of "Love Lock". Then look romantically and think you have something truly special now to share between you and also with the island. Another extraordinary day that tells your love story. And if you can't get to Sint Maarten Well ... there is always Love You Too to offer you a virtual and special lock of love.


Let someone really special to you know that you appreciate everything about them and know how to recognize their particular characteristics. Do it with love you too, find a bridge you'd like to dedicate to it and dedicate a virtual padlock to it. The receiving person will understand that they are truly special to you and will look at you with different eyes and incredible joy. Let yourself be inspired by our pages and create the right dedication you want to send. Special people are important to us and it's worth dedicating time and affection or love to them as the case may be but also letting them know how important they are to us. Spread your love or simply a thought of affection or esteem to the person you care about with Love you too. Propose yourself with this exclusive idea that will strengthen your friendship or your love or... will lay the foundations for it. .

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A love lock, albeit virtual, symbolizes the security and preservation of precious feelings and fellowship, as are friendship and love. The love locks on bridges are universal symbols of love, devotion and commitment. Commit your love forever with Love You too.

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