Krakow has too many attractions to see and your time is a precious and limited resource. But following love and all its expressions is always something that is worth trying

The Bernatka pedestrian bridge, also known as Kładka Ojca Bernatka in Krakow, is a rather important point of reference that every tourist who visits the city of the kings should visit. Of course, there are many places in Krakow who say exactly the same thing: "to see, not to be missed"! And you're right to ask these questions! What makes the bridge on the river Vistola so special and is it worth visiting it? But above all who is is Father Bernatek?

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Father Bernatek's catwalk in Krakow Love Lock

Father Bernatek's catwalk was built under the Podgórze bridge, above the Vistola river in Krakow. Create a direct passage for pedestrians and motorcyclists, connecting two famous districts of Krakow: Podgórze and Kazimierz. It is adorned with fantastic sculptures that challenge gravity. He takes his name from the monk Father Bernatek and is considered a real bridge of love. Bernatka's catwalk is relatively new to Krakow, is only 11 years old and combines the district of Kazimierz and Podgorrze

Inaugurated on 30 September 2010, the pedestrian bridge Father Bernatek (Kładka Ojca Bernatka) is located at the turn of the Wisła river just south of the center, connecting the districts of Kazimierz and Podgórze between UL. Mostowa and Ul. Nadwiślańska where there were several road bridges before, the last dismantled back in 1925. The 130 m leaf -shaped structure welcomes both pedestrians and cyclists with its double catwalk of the local architect Andrzej Getter. Although it was a source of controversy during its development (largely due to the overcoming of the budget of 38 million Złoty), the Bernatek bridge is now a very loved site of the urban landscape, both for its comfort and for its charm aesthetic. The bridge played a key role in the revitalization of the two areas that connects between Plac Wolnica and Rynek Podgórski, which is now not only an ideal destination for an alternative pub crawl, but also a romantic walk.

The tradition of the love locks 

It is precisely here that the pairs of Krakow have adopted the increasingly popular tradition of attacking Lucchetti engraved with their names to the railing of the bridge, before throwing the keys into the Wisła. An important pledge of love and proof of their indissoluble bond and mutual commitment. It is hoped that the success and influence of the bridge will inspire the city to follow the floors it has for such a pedestrian crossing of the river near Wawel Castle. Since 2016, the bridge has been adorned with acrobatic sculptures that challenge gravity, the work of the contemporary Polish sculptor Jerzy Kędziora, making it a real tourist attraction. Unfortunately, the city was recently forced to separate from two of them, leaving only seven in sight today.

A catwalk for Pubcrawl

The importance of the bridge between Kazimierz and Podgórze cannot be underestimated. Kazimierz and Podgórze are tourist areas and contain many interesting places, especially pubs. Thanks to the increase in pedestrian connections between them, both neighborhoods have revitalized as centers of nightlife and recreational activities. Thanks to this connection between Plac Wolnica of Kazimierz and Rynek Podgórski, you can now go without problems on foot to some of the best entertainment that Krakow has to offer. All a few steps! Whether it's a romantic walk or a Pub Crawl adventure, Father Bernatek's pedestrian bridge will certainly fascinate you. And since it is a specific path to pedestrians, you don't have to worry about cars, making it extremely safe. Especially if you are in the middle of a fun evening! Even if you are not interested in the bridge itself, knowing where it is very practical. It will help you move between the tourist centers of Krakow in a much more easy way than the use of other routes. And it is precisely here that you can seal your lock of love.

The Krakow Love lock bridge

You probably heard of "Love Bridges", "Love Lock Bridges " and so on. Regardless of the name, the idea is popular in many cities all over the world. Couples love romantic walks and if there is something very romantic here it is a walk near the river! Kładka Ojca. Bernatka is one of those special places absolutely to visit and is also a Love Bridge. It is a perfect place for selfies and photos of you and your partner. And since it is so close to so many excellent pubs and restaurants, you don't really have to plan it: it is easy to decide to impulse it, since mood strikes you. There have been many love proposals and the locals are sure that it brings luck and blessings.

Love locks on the Bernatek catwalk over the Vistola river

Some couples want something more than simple photos and memories. They want to leave something of themselves on the bridge. You will find many names, initial love confessions left on the bridge in one shape or another. An elegant way of making a romantic gesture without damaging the bridge has conquered the heart of both the locals and tourists. Instead of affecting their names on the bridge, damaging it in the process, the couples decide to attack a padlock with their names engraved on the railing. And then, in a symbolic gesture, they throw the key into the visa! If you want to express the indissoluble link between you and your other significant, this popular custom is a great way to do it. Above all because it will be added to the visually stunning and impressive lucchetti collection there. Really moving!

Sculptures that challenge gravity

Suspended and balanced in heavy sculptures in the air are now considered an iconic part of the Bernatek catwalk. They seem almost magical and whoever looks at them will ask the same simple question. How do they do not fall? What the hell makes them stay in the air, suspended and in balance so elegantly? It seems almost an impossible magic! The author himself defines the entire composition a "show between heaven and water". The story of these sculptures that challenge gravity on Father Bernatek Footbridge is actually quite interesting. Initially, this artistic installation should have adorned the bridge only for a few months of 2016, and then disappeared quickly. However, they became part of the iconic landscape of the area and the locals did not really want to see them go. Thus, both the city of Krakow and the local neighborhood association have started negotiating with the author and owner of the sculptures, Jerzy Kędziora. Their goal was simple: to make these fantastic sculptures stay there forever! Initially, the city of Krakow decided to buy only a part of the collection but then the Podgórze district joined the negotiations alone and buy the rest of the sculptures. And thanks to this, instead of a short -lived seasonal curiosity, Father Bernatek Footbridge has gained its legitimate tourist attraction. It is difficult to imagine it now without these sculptures. They have become part of the identity of the bridge.

From whom does the Bernatek pedestrian bridge take its name from?

His name derives from Father Bernatek, a member of the order of the Hospital Brothers of San Giovanni. Since Father Bernatek was responsible for building a nearby hospital, the city decided to name the bridge in his honor. Interestingly, there was a real competition for the name of the catwalk! Many people had different ideas. The most popular were the Podgórze pedestrian bridge (Kładka Podgórska) and the Karol pedestrian bridge (Kładka Karola). This is due to the importance of the Podgórze district and the fact that there was a Karol bridge nearby. The idea was to make the catwalk a spiritual successor of the historical bridge past. The church of San Giuseppe in the Podgorze district of Krakow is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Many visitors naturally notice it as they walk on the bridge and decide to take a short break from anything were going to do to be able to appreciate this beautiful and fascinating building. It takes the proverbial 5 minutes to reach the church of San Giuseppe from the Bernatek catwalk on foot.

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