Here's how to create your virtual lock:

To create and send your virtual Love You Too love lock, first, you need to register on the Lock website.

  1. You will then need to purchase your certificate, which you will send to your loved one or dear friend via email in printable PDF format, suitable for framing on a 20x30 base. Alternatively, you can purchase the luxury package, and it will be delivered to your home packaged in a box with a dedication. The certificate represents a commitment guaranteed by Love You Too and will forever remind them of the beautiful gesture you have made.

  2. After purchasing the certificate, you will receive a link via email to proceed with customization and final creation of the Love You Too certificate.

  3. Next, you will proceed to personalize the certificate by choosing a bridge where the lock will be placed from a wide selection available.

  4. Subsequently, you will then insert your preferred lock, choosing from various options such as love, friendship, thoughts, etc. The size of the lock and its placement inside the bridge will be your choice, which you can make directly on our platform.

  5. You can also add a charmer, a sweet image that will personalize your message along with the lock. You can choose the charmer that best suits your message, for example, Cupid for love, cherubs, thoughts, animals, etc.

  6. Finally, the virtual love lock will be automatically created, and you will receive the certificate in PDF format, suitable for framing in a 20x30 frame. You can print it in color and give it as a gift to have it framed. Alternatively, if you chose the luxury package, it will be delivered to your home as a gift package.

Is everything clear? So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your virtual love lock now!