Life is too short to have regrets. Today we have plenty of time to tell the people we love how important they are to us. Tomorrow may be too late. Why live with regrets when a simple thought with a Love You Too virtual love lock is enough to convey this important message?

There are five things some say people regret as they near the end of their lives. These regrets aren't about exotic travel, owning luxury items, having many adventures with ideal partners, or earning more money. In reality, reflecting on these experiences, deeper considerations emerge.

The first thing that is often regretted is not having lived according to one's inclinations, but having felt imprisoned by the expectations of others. We realize that a mask has been worn, the one we thought others liked, but which prevented us from being authentically loved. Instead of being ourselves, we have contented ourselves with being lovable, but have not experienced true love.

The second regret concerns the excessive commitment to work, letting ourselves be consumed by competition, results and the race towards something that, in the end, turned out to be just a chimera. In this process, we have neglected meaningful relationships and ties. We've focused so much on the outside of success that we've forgotten the importance of human relationships.

The third regret is that of not having had the courage to tell the truth. We regret not expressing our love enough to those around us, not saying "I love you" or "I'm proud of you" to our children, not apologizing when we were wrong or even when we were right. We have preferred to hold grudges and prolonged silences rather than embrace sincerity and emotional openness.

That's why dedicating a virtual love lock on an ideal bridge with Love you too  is important to let others know how much we care about them. It's a symbolic gesture yes, but full of meaning for whoever receives it!

Later, we will regret not having spent enough time with those we love. We didn't pay attention to who was always present in our lives, simply because we took them for granted. How could we tolerate that emotional loneliness? We tolerated it because we were used to it, as if it were a poison that we self-inoculated. We have tried to ease the pain with small and fleeting substitutes, ignoring the simplicity of making a phone call and asking how loved ones are.

Finally, we will regret not being happier. We realize that we could have cultivated what we had in and around us, but we have been crushed by habit, laziness and selfishness. We could have loved like poets, known like scientists. We could have discovered in the treasures of the world what children see in the maps of their childhood, but we have missed these opportunities.

Ultimately, these regrets prompt us to reflect on our lives and the choices we make every day. They invite us to live authentically, to cultivate meaningful relationships, to express love and truth, to make time for those we love, and to seek happiness authentically. These regrets teach us that it is important to embrace what makes us feel alive and appreciate the treasures that surround us.

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